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What it's really like to be a twin...

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Everyone always asks us what it is like being a twin. No, we can’t telepathically think each other’s thoughts and yes, it is great to always have a friend; but being a twin (+ our parents’ upbringing) has shaped us more than we ever knew it would and has taught us so many lessons we have been able to use in both our personal & professional lives.

Here are just a few:

  • Sharing really is caring. (As you can imagine we have learned to share everything growing up, but it is more than just sharing birthdays, materialistic things (or food), we’ve learned to share and give to others to better the TEAM as a whole. Whether that team may be family, friends, a sports team or team of co-workers. -- Now, luckily in this picture we weren’t sharing this glass of wine for our Birthday a week ago, the other one just wasn’t in the shot … : )

  • Problem solving & how to work as a team player. (We grew up learning how important it was to work together to accomplish a goal and each do our part to get there - even if that ‘said goal’ meant trouble... usually by getting creative and using someone’s strengths combined with the others to come up with that ‘master plan’ and implement it.)

  • Life is not always just about YOU. (We learned pretty quick that sometimes it's not always just about you and your needs and to keep others wants / needs in mind. And that the outcome of your decisions and actions usually have an impact on others on your team.)

  • You don’t always need the spotlight or credit. (Sometimes it’s more rewarding for someone you love / on your team to take the WIN when they may need it more than you at the moment ... because at the end of the day the whole team WINS anyway.)

  • Don’t be quick to blame others & take responsibility for your actions. (This one took a little longer for us to learn, especially when someone was going to be in trouble…. like when we decided to cut each other’s hair with scissors from our art box & then point fingers on whose idea it was. But, we figured out the hard way that the whole team ends up taking the heat in the long run if no one owns up / takes responsibility.)

  • Learning to be selfless & put your team’s needs before your own. (Because you are only as strong as your weakest link.)

  • Not everyone will like you all the time / you can’t please everyone on your team. (Don’t take it personal, it is what it is and it will be okay. You don’t always have you like your teammates but you should definitely respect them.)

  • How to be a cheerleader for others. (Supporting and celebrating others on your team in their good times / seasons … EVEN when it may not be yours is not easy sometimes, but good teammates will be there to support you in return.)

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. (Everyone runs their own race at their own pace + some may even have flashier uniforms than you but that does not mean they ‘beating’ you.)

  • Learning forgiveness / not to hold grudges. (So we were forced not to hold grudges when we shared a room growing up but also learned long term that it is silly to hold a grudge against someone on your team – because you will most likely be sitting across the ‘table’ from them sooner than later (whether it be the Thanksgiving table or boardroom). Just speak your peace & keep the momentum moving forward.)

  • The hard reality that you are now always right and learning to apologize when so. (Putting your pride aside for the betterment of the team and admitting when your wrong or apologizing is not easy. But we’ve learn that bringing someone on your team down will NOT bring you up, it will ultimately just make your ‘team’ look worse as a whole.)

  • Life is not always FAIR, you just have to make the best of what’s handed to you & be grateful for it. (Sometimes you don’t get handed the same size ice cream cone as others & you have 2 choices - you either whine and cry about it or you eat it before it melts.)

  • Constructive criticism is not always bad & it is usually out of love. (Sometimes you have to drop the sugar coating and respectfully tell someone ‘how it is’ if you are looking out for their best interests, even if it it’s not something you or your teammate wants to hear. Teammates are there to push each other to be better. )

  • Last but certainly not least, we've learned how the words your choose, your attitude, how you treat people & over all REPutation can literally affected your entire team. (Try your best not to bring down the vibe / outlook on your team and do your part to make it. You only get to be a part of so many teams in life so make them count, be a great teammate and always have their back!)

Like in business being a great team is about trust, encouragement, communication and creating a strategy to win / accomplish your goals together, which is what we strive for everyday with our clients!


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