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We are a small boutique firm so we get to truly know your business, target audience and we customize our your message and content for YOU.  We have a carefully picked experienced team of representatives that are all experts at what they do.


Hi, I'm Lindsay

the founder and owner of Ritch Reps. Before starting this company and working as a corporate marketing consultant, I have started several small businesses and let me tell you I completely understand a tight budget and trying to wear all of the hats in your business. I know the paint points of small/medium sized businesses. And they are my favorite to work with because of the passion they have behind their business & goals.

I started Ritch Reps 5 years ago with the want to help a need I personally experienced when running my own small business. Now I could sit here and talk about our success and all that "stuff".. but this isn’t about me or us – it’s about you and how we can help you grow.

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Meet, Tiffany Harder

Giving a Fresh Thought on Strategic Messaging & Media Relations 

Meet Tiffany Harder, a dynamic messaging strategist with 13+ years' of experience in PR, marketing, and startup operations. She began her journey in Dallas under the mentorship of a PR pro, shaping her multidisciplinary her career. 


Starting in account coordination at a marketing agency, she collaborated with retail giant, Kroger, contributing to creative assets for media and product campaigns. Transitioning to tech startups, she assumed the role of Head of Operations for a real estate marketing firm, where she shaped communication and process for a national creative workforce. In 2021, she founded Hard Copy Creative, a freelance messaging and copywriting business driving growth for wellness brands and businesses.  


Known for her detail-oriented and innovative approach, Tiffany specializes in transforming brand stories.



At Ritch Reps, we treat your business and reputation like our own … and when you hire us – we become part
of your team.

Meet The Team


+ an experienced team of representatives that are all experts at what they do. 


We also have an experienced team of representatives that specialize in their skills. We are not going to pass you off to an intern or anything like that, you will work with us directly and have our expert reps come in as needed for special projects.

Client Testimonials

Interested in who we are currently working with?
We are proud to show you, just reach out!

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“Ritch Reps is fantastic to work with! They get to know you in the initial consultation and it really shows in the posts they publish on your behalf! If you’re on the fence about utilizing their services, hop on down, you won’t be disappointed!” -
Jon J., Real Estate Photographer



Thanks for visiting our website, it is nice to e-meet you!


My name is Lindsay and this is my OLDER twin sister Lauren  - by one minute, if you can't tell!  : )


We have joined our marketing and IT backgrounds to create the perfect package to represent your brand online! 


I have a background as an entrepreneur with degrees in public relations / communications and business administration from LSU. I have started  a few small businesses and then have recently worked as a corporate marketing consultant for an international real estate marketing company specializing in local marketing efforts. 

Lauren also graduated from LSU with a Kinesiology degree and has years of experience with IT solutions, information systems and communications with the largest healthcare system in the state. She is well-versed in management skills, performance programs and workflow improvement.


We would love to get to know you, your business and marketing needs!

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