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"I know it's like online stuff but .... WHAT DO Y'ALL ACTUALLY DO?"....

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

We are officially one month into this new venture and it has been completely overwhelming with support, new clients / connections and the kindest messages / referrals. So, first of all THANK YOU... every social / personal share or supportive wish / kind message and referrals / leads have not gone un-noticed or under appreciated!

We have been so excited with all the support but we keep getting asked from interested businesses / brands and even our family and friends things like

"I know it's like online stuff but .... WHAT DO Y'ALL ACTUALLY DO?".... So we figured we would give it a shot to list it all out on here for others also curious .. including our grandma, Mimi. So this ones for you Mimi!

Basically, we do everything a business needs to grow their online REPutation .... and make more money.


  • Consulting Services (Evaluating, Creating and Implementing Digital and Non-digital Marketing and Business Plans)

  • Brand / Business Creation (Launching & Reviving)

  • Public Relations (Strategy & Management)

  • Training & Presentations (Individuals & Groups)

  • Social Media Management (Planning, Creating & Posting Content)

  • SEO (Ranking Higher in Search Engines)

  • Website Design (Building, Updating and Managing)

  • Website Analytics (Tracking & Evaluating Efforts)

  • Graphic Design (Promo Pieces for Print or Digital)

  • Logo Design (Creation & Reviving)

  • Media & Content Creation (Professional Photography, Video, Graphics, Etc.)

  • Social Media Ad Campaigns (Paid Targeted Ads on Social Media Channels)

  • eMail Marketing (General Outreach & Targeted Marketing Campaigns)

  • Blogging (Articles / Inbound Content Pieces)

  • Google My Business Listing Management & Optimization

  • Localized Grassroot Marketing Strategy  (Boots on the Ground / Offline Marketing)

  • Virtual Assistance (Administrative, Technical, or Creative Assistance)

  • Monthly Brand / Business Management Packages (ALL OF THE ABOVE, because no-body has time for ALL OF THAT!)

* If we have clients looking for other services or advice and we are not the best / most experienced team for the job we sub-contract it out! We do not claim to be experts at everything but we usually have a contact or resource that we are happy to point our clients to if it betters their business in the long run!


When small businesses work with us we customize a marketing plan for them / their business depending on their budget, goals, industries, target audiences, current market trends and most importantly ... we are treat their business and REPutation like our own!

If you have made it to the end of this article, THANK YOU! If you didn't make it down here, we don't blame you - all that stuff is tiring to even THINK about... but that is why we are here to help! : )

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