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Marketing Strategy Beyond Likes And Followers


Ever had that 'aha' moment with something you've been hyping up in your head? Maybe that highly recommended restaurant that always sounds like a good idea or the dance class you finally signed up for. You try it and think, "Wow, what have I been missing out on?" This is exactly what's happening in our hashtag-filled, selfie-loving digital universe. We're all so hooked on the social media hype, that it's like we've got blinders on to everything else in the marketing world.

Social media can give you serious FOMO or flip your view on a brand or business that may not always be the reality of the “real” behind the scenes. It's the same old story we all know, but here we are in 2024, and the social media marketing pressure is more intense than ever. Once you're deep in the social media game, it can feel like there's this constant pressure to keep up with every trend and outdo your competitors. And it leaves us with this tempting question, "Do I even need to market anywhere else?". 

But hold up – let's flip the script. Beyond the endless scroll of social media, there are whole worlds of untapped potential waiting for you. Channels, where a simple scroll isn’t the main event, but an opportunity for new connection with potential customers waiting to digest your content, outside of social media. 

Stay for a quick read as Ritch Reps spills the tea on why expanding your marketing mix in 2024 is not just a good idea, but a necessity for thriving in an ever-evolving and noisy digital landscape.

The Real Limitations of Only Using Social Media Marketing

In a world where social media feels like the be-all and end-all for marketing, it's rare for a savvy digital marketing agency to advise putting all your marketing eggs in one top social media basket – Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and of course Twitter (hello, X). Look, we love a good scroll through as much as the next person, but let's spill some real tea on why social media shouldn't be your one and only. 

At Ritch Reps, we're all about that diverse channel of energy and reach. Why limit yourself when you can have the best of all worlds? 

Here's why social media isn't the end-all-be-all for your marketing strategy:

Algorithm MadnessJust when you think you've got the rhythm, the beat changes and your content is nowhere to be seen. Social media algorithms are fickle and change faster than fast fashion. This is a potential risk on whether or not your audience will even see your posts. 

Platform Dependency Risk: Too much sway on one platform? That's a gamble. Platforms evolve, user bases shift, and what's hot today can cool off tomorrow.  If your chosen platform hits a rough patch, your online presence—and business—could drop as fast as you can say MySpace or Threads (too soon?). 

Popularity Contest vs. Engaged Audience: Thinking your content's reaching the masses? Think again. With everyone and their dog posting online, standing out is tougher than ever. Even though we believe quality prevails, your message is not likely to stand out at least right away, and why would anyone assume their entire audience hangs out on the same social media platform? Also, think about the platform’s (not your business) growth opportunity by dangling engagement in exchange for paid media.

Control, What control?: When your marketing strategy is at the mercy of social media giants, you’re playing by their rules. And let’s be honest, they’re not always in your favor.

Volatile Public Perception: Social media platforms come and go in waves of popularity. Betting your marketing strategy on what's trending now might leave you scrambling when the digital winds change direction. It's less about riding the wave and more about staying afloat in multiple channels. 

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Social Media Basket

Following Instagram and TikTok trends can be exciting (and entertaining), but let's face it, it's easy to lose sight of who you're trying to reach, which is the whole point of marketing. That's where the magic of a multi-channel strategy comes into play. 

Without a doubt, you need to keep tabs on your brand messaging and your target audience. Google Analytics should be your new BFF. It's not just about posting and praying; it's about understanding where your people are coming from. Are they sticking around, bouncing after one page, or hopefully converting? If your game plan is to double down on social media just because without looking at the data, you're flying blind. Tools like Google Analytics can show you the real picture, breaking down the traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

And here's a reality check: if you're pouring everything into Instagram and then realize your audience is who you thought, or where you thought, well, that's a wake-up call. Relying solely on social media marketing like shouting into the Grand Canyon hoping for an echo—it's hit or miss. 

The best advice we give our clients is to show up consistently in multiple channels when your brand and business are ready and remain adaptable. 

Why Multi-Channel Marketing is the Wake-Up Call You Didn't Know You Needed

Your brand engagement success isn't just about how many likes or retweets you get. Sure, social media's a big deal, but it's not the whole story. There's a whole world out there with channels that might just be the perfect match for your business.

The best marketing strategy is a multi-channel marketing strategy that can reach your customers where they are instead of forcing a one-channel engagement. 

Just like with social media, channel presence, and audience engagement can take time to build. It's about mixing and matching channels to find where your potential customers are ready for what you have to offer. 

Let's be real, most deals aren't being closed in the DMs of Instagram. The conversion, the sale, and that final “virtual” handshake is most likely happening on your website. Doesn’t it make sense to have as many channels as possible leading to your website? We think so. 

Bottom line? A multi-channel strategy doesn't just increase your reach; it enhances customer experiences, boosts engagement, and protects against market shifts, amps up sales, and keeps you one step ahead. Want to dive deeper into how we at Ritch Reps rock the multi-channel marketing? Read the full strategy here

Breaking Through The Noise In A Super Heavy Digital World

Discovering what works for your business isn't about chasing trends or hitting a follower milestone on Instagram. It's deeper than that. Success means making meaningful connections with your target audience, not just flaunting a follower count but finding people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. 

Channel Recommendations 

  • Email Marketing: Email still has the best ROI in marketing. Email is your chance to get personal and stay in touch, without platform dependency. You are sitting on a goldmine if you have an untapped email list. And if you don’t have a list, having multiple channels can help you build one. 

  • Content Marketing: It's the era of valuable content. Blogs, whitepapers, e-books—this is where you show your worth and climb the SEO ranks. Give your audience something that sticks, far beyond the recycled content on social media. 

  • SEM and SEO: Visibility isn't just about ads. Search Engine Marketing and Optimization are the heavy lifters that pull your website into the spotlight, making sure you're seen by those actually looking. Although technology is changing the game here, the need for search visibility is not. 

  • Influencer Collaborations: Step beyond social. Influencers can amplify your message through podcasts, guest blogging, and more, reaching your audience in places you might not be thinking of. 

And dare we say traditional marketing? Don’t overlook mixing in a bit of old school. Believe it or not, traditional marketing is finding its way back to relevance. Direct mail, print ads, and community events can forge connections that digital spaces sometimes can't touch. It's about blending innovation with a touch of tradition, creating a marketing strategy that's both fresh and familiar. 

Think about the power of an actionable flyer or brochure just lying around in someone’s purse or car. 

Ready To Multi-Channel?

Here’s the bottom line: It's not just about likes or follows; it's about real, meaningful connections that turn into loyal customers. Sure, engagement matters, but strategically spreading your effort around to make sure you reach your audience where they are looking. 

Drop us a line at Ritch Reps, and we can help expand your custom multi-channel approach. 

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